AugBrella Beach Mat – Beach Blanket with Umbrella Hole


AugBrella Beach Mat – Beach Blanket with Umbrella Hole

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  • This beach mat / picnic blanket is sand resistant. You can easlily shake the sand off at the beach and keep the sand out of your car. It is very fast drying so a few minutes out in the sun and it is ready to pack away in its own carrying bag.
  • Beach sand anchor / umbrella hole in the middle. This patent pending design allows you to place your favorite beach umbrella right in the middle. The hook and loop closures allow you to use the beach mat with our without an umbrella.
  • Light weight and compact. This beach mat only weighs about a pound and it will easily fit in your beach bag with other accessories.
  • Large size! This mat / blanket is 7 foot by 9 foot and it will easily hold 4 to 6 people. It can be used to sit on at sporting events, outdoor concerts, or at the beach. Enjoy comfort without hading to lug around a heavy blanket.
  • Tough rip stop material will keep the AugBrella Beach Mat from ripping in the wind.

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Tired of the not being able to get your traditional beach blanket positioned where you can find shade? Check out the AugBrella Beach Mat!

Our Patent Pending design will allow you to place our beach mat where traditional blankets will not work. Our large 7ft by 9 ft beach mat has a center hole with closure where it can be placed anywhere along the opening and then closed around your umbrella or beach umbrella anchor. It can be used with our without any umbrella just about anywhere. Our sand-resistant beach mat can keep the sand out of places you don’t want it. It is lightweight and easy to shake off the sand sticking on it. The sand brushes off easily.

Our beach mat is made from 210T parachute rip-stop polyester known for being durable, 100% breathable, comfortable, moisture resistant and easy to clean. A great comfortable seat at sport games, picnics, parades, outdoor concerts and other festivities. Our beach mat comes in its own pouch with an aluminum carabiner clip that can hook to your beach bag, soft cooler, or anything else that have a loop.

It also comes with 4 stakes that work great for securing you mat to hard packed or grassy areas. There are 4 corner pockets that can be filled with beach sand, your flip flops, water bottles or anything else to weigh the beach mat down while in soft sand. The neutral color is great to go with any of your beach accessories and since it is a lighter color it helps keep it cooler on sunny days. It is great for picnics or your kids sporting events as well.

Made in PRC

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 7 × 4 in

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