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(Click the Link Above for More Info) Get a quality Beach Umbrella that has all of the qualities that you are looking for. We have solid colors that match many sports teams colors or other decor. This umbrella features a 1.25″aluminum pole, tilt, vented canopy and fiberglass ribs, rated for a SPF 50. The HD Blue Umbrellas have a thicker canopy and heavier ribs, but do not have the silver bottom coating with gives them an SPF 30. They are adjustable in height which makes it great if you have little ones you need to protect from the sun so they can adjust as the sun moves. These umbrellas fit our Relaxation Station, AugBrella, and AugBrella XT.



Our umbrellas work with ALL of our shade related products.

Get a quality umbrella that has all of the qualities that you are looking for. This umbrella features a 1.25″aluminum pole, 6 foot 2 inch canopy, twist screw lock connector, tilt, vented canopy and fiberglass ribs. The umbrellas have an SPF 50 rating. These umbrellas work great with all of our products and can be used in the pool, as a patio umbrella, and at the beach. Our new HD NAVY Blue umbrella is very similar to the other umbrellas except it has heavier duty fiberglass ribs, heavier duty canopy and it does NOT have the silver coating on the bottom so it will not have the high SPF rating.

Our twist screw lock connector is not one of the cheap flip locks. Our upper pole inserts into the lower pole making the connection extra strong so you won’t have to chase the top of your umbrella down the beach. It also makes your umbrella fully adjustable from 54 to 88 inches high. This will keep you from needing to move the all day long as the sun moves. It will also allow you to use the umbrella as a beach tent if you tilt the umbrella and drop it close to the ground. It works great for keeping the little ones covered up especially if the little ones are still in a carrier.

The vent and the silver coated material help keep you cool while in the sun. The hot air can escape through the top of the umbrella and the harmful UV rays are reflected away from you.

Our umbrellas are not made for steel so they will not rust and leave stains in your pool, boat or car if you take them to the beach. Our Umbrellas are compliant with the Myrtle Beach Umbrella Restrictions.

This umbrella is not to be used in high constant winds. High winds will damage any umbrella. These umbrellas like anything else will fade in the sun with prolonged exposure. We recommend storing them out of the sunlight when they are not in use. These umbrellas are a price point umbrella and they are not be be compared to the high end $200-800 commercial umbrellas. They are a good quality for the price umbrella and we want to make that clear.  If you are looking for a high quality commercial umbrella for beach use please contact us for a quote on one of our American Made Beach Umbrellas. We have a wide selection available that are designed to hold up for commercial use.

Brand: AugHog AugBrella,



  WARNING  Cancer and/or Reproductive Harm –



Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions4 × 4 × 54 in
Canopy Colors

Blue, Red, Yellow, Pink, Orange, Multi Color, Blemished Blue, Blemished Yellow, HD Navy Blue

1 review for Beach Umbrella – Patio Umbrella-Fits Relaxation Station – AugBrella

  1. BeachBumbFL (verified owner)

    Great umbrella for the money. I know it isn’t a $250 beach umbrella, but I have to say I was very pleased by the quality. I bough it for the light packing days when I just want to go to the beach for a few hours. The thing I love about this that my expensive umbrella doesn’t have is the ability to have the height adjusted completely. You can just turn the handle, and set the height and then tilt the umbrella and it block the sun behind you at the beach. No need to move the towels around to find the shade. I have had it for about 3 months and it is still going strong.

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