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AugBrella is a commercial grade umbrella anchor that will keep your umbrella firmly planted in the ground wherever you put it. The high strength auger is guaranteed to keep your umbrella from taking lift off while at the beach or in your own back yard. Don’t compare the AugBrella to the cheap imitations. Many of the all plastic beach umbrella augers are priced cheap, but as you know, you get what you pay for. Simple browse some reviews online and you will soon see how long some of the lesser quality products on the market last.

Our umbrella holders are used in many more places than at the beach. Our product have been used to hold umbrellas anyplace you may need a little shade. They are great for public events such as golf outings, concerts, trade shows, or any other event where you may be looking to plant an umbrella without having a stand in the way or where the ground is uneven. Our products are American made and engineered to last.
AugBrella XT with Table

The AugBrella XT with Table is an Extra Tall (hence the suffix “XT”) AugBrella Umbrella holder that can also include the ultimate drink holder. This table is not only great at the beach, it is also great for use at your back yard events. This table is great to keep your throwing hand free while winding up for your game of Horse Shoes, Washers, or yes even Corn Hole! The table to is even constructed of UV resistant PVC so it will last for years of outdoor fun.

You can even throw your cell phone in there so it doesn’t throw off your balance….

 (Umbrella not included)

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