Relaxation Station Swimming Pool Stools Only


Relaxation Station Swimming Pool Stools Only


The Ultimate Pool Party for when it is too hot to get out of the pool and too hot to stay in the pool. The stools give you a great place to kick back and relax in your pool. If you are looking for the Relaxation Station Table, it is available to order by clicking HERE.

Be sure to read the full description below on this whole page before ordering.

Color of Support Rods: Select Blue or White to select the color of the support poles for the stools.

This page is to order 2 additional stools for your Relaxation Station ONLY. The table and umbrella are not included and are shown for demonstration purposes. To order a set with a table please click here.

Each pair comes with:
• 2 seat tops
• 2 support rods
•2 bases with anti-slip pads for fiberglass or liner pools.
• If you order adjustable stools they will also come with 2 footrests.

US Patent #10925360


Relaxation Station Table for Swimming poolRelaxation Station Pool Stools

Here is where you order 2 additional stools for your Relaxation Station Swimming pool table. You can order them in white or blue.

What’s included?

This page is to order 2 additional stools for your Relaxation Station ONLY. The table and umbrella are not included and are shown for demonstration purposes. To order a set with a table please click here.

Each pair comes with:
• 2 seat tops
• 2 support rods
•2 bases with anti-slip pads for fiberglass or liner pools.

US Patent #10925360


We appreciate your business!

Check out our umbrellas that will not leave rust in your pool (not included) with UPF 100 sun protection, aluminum poles, and fiberglass ribs for superior corrosion resistance. (Link To Umbrellas)

If you have any questions on this set before you buy it, please click on the Blue “Leave a Message” box in the lower right corner and we will get back to you ASAP.



Questions and Answers:

NOTICE: Color variations and combinations may occur without notice. The main support rods will remain similar to the colors shown.

Q) Is the table included with this set?

A) No. The tables are available to order HERE.

Q) How much weight will the stools hold and how tall are they?

A) The stools are tested for adults that weigh up to 275 lbs in the water. They are about the same height as a normal chair. The seat top is 11.5″ wide. The stools are adjustable with a range from 23.5″ high to about 31″ high and they come with a foot rest for added stability.

Q) My shallow end has a steep slope, will these work?

A) We do not recommend the stools for a shallow end with a steep slope. If you do not have an area that is semi-flat we do not recommend the stools. If you notice the slope while standing in the shallow end it is likely to steep of a slope. If you don’t really notice you are standing on a slope the stools should be fine.

Q) Are the stools and table completely stable when they are in the pool?

A) The Table and Stools are designed to move back and forth a little bit to help prevent injury if someone was to slip and fall toward one of the components.  We recommend that you rest your feet on the base or the bottom of the pool while you are sitting on the stools for added stability (especially after a few cocktails).

Q) Can I use my pool cleaner with this in the pool?

A) You can, but chances are your hose will get wrapped around the table or stools. We recommend removing this set from your pool when it is being cleaned.

Q) How much do the bases weigh when filled with concrete?

A) A properly filled base will weigh 70 lbs or more. If you cannot lift 70+ pounds we do not recommend that you buy this set.

Q) Can this set be used with liner pools?

A) Yes, The Relaxation Station can be used in liner pools, above ground, or in ground pools. If you have a liner pool, if the liner does not feel “soft, or squishy” under your feet it will work great.

Q) Is this safe for use in new pools?

A) Yes, if your pool has water in it, your pool builder has felt the concrete, or marcite has had enough time to cure.

Q) How do I fill the bases with concrete?

A) To fill the bases with concrete: All you need is a 80lb bag (per base) of  all purpose concrete to fill the bases and you are ready to go. If the bags are 80 lb bags, you will just have extra concrete left over that can be used to fill the next base. With the seat post or table support post installed in the base, you will want to fill the bases by scooping the dry mix from the bag with an old plastic cup and pouring it into the hole in the base. Concrete is added to the bases dry and then saturated with water so they can harden. You will just want to slowly add water to the bases until they are fully saturated with water. They you let them sit and harden on a flat surface. If there is still some dry areas of concrete in the base water from the pool will saturate the rest of the base when used.

Q) Can I mix the concrete first and then add it to the bases?

A) You sure can. It does not matter which way you put the concrete in the bases as long at it is in the base and as full as possible. It is up to you. We just have found it easier to to put it in dry and saturate the base with water.

Q) Where do I find the concrete for the bases?

A) Any home improvement store has ready to use bagged dry mix concrete available. Some popular brands include Quikrete, and Sakrete.

Q) Can I use sand in the base instead of concrete?

A) No, sand will not harden like concrete and will not add the additional support to the bases.

Q) Can I use water in the bases?

A) No, Water that is placed inside of water will not work. They bases will float if water is placed in them and will not work at all.

Q) Can these be used in saltwater pools?

A) Yes, They are safe for saltwater pools.

Q) Why does my base rock in the pool?

A) If your base rocks on your pool floor chances are your pool floor is not 100% flat. Try moving your bases a few inches one way or another to find a more level spot in your pool. Most floors are not 100% flat so it is very common to have to find the sweet spot.

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: We love our friends in the AU and we would love to ship you our Relaxation Station. Please get in touch with us for a shipping quote so we can shop the best deal for you. Please contact us on the leave message or live chat feature on the lower right side of this page. We appreciate your business! YES WE SHIP TO CANADA TOO! Rates are available at Checkout.

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 31 × 17 × 7 in
Color of Support Rods

White, Blue

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