Relaxation Station Swimming Pool Table and Stools

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The Ultimate Pool Party for when it is too hot to get out of the pool and too hot to stay in the pool. The set will keep you shaded on the sunniest days and keep your drinks close by. 

Be sure to read the full description below on this whole page before ordering.

Umbrellas are not included and are pictured to show how the product may be used, however they are available below to purchase.

When selecting your table options below, the first drop down please select the desired set.

Main Table option: Select if you want just one table and no stools, One Table with two stools.

Color of Support Rods: Select Blue or White to select the color of the support poles for the table and stools.

Additional 2 Stools: Additional Stools are sold in Pairs. You can order them by clicking HERE.

OPTIONAL LED Light Kits: Are available for purchase by clicking HERE

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS: We love our friends in the AU and we would love to ship you our Relaxation Station. Please contact us for a shipping quote so we can shop the best deal for you. Please contact us on the leave message or live chat feature on the lower right side of this page. We appreciate your business! 

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Relaxation Station Table for Swimming poolRelaxation Station Pool Lounge

The Ultimate Portable Swim Up Pool Bar with Stools! Are you looking for a swimming pool umbrella table? We have it right here!

Check out our  Relaxation Station Swimming Pool Table where you can use an umbrella right in your pool and keep your frosty beverages close by. You can also use the table on your patio or pool deck if you would like.

Can you take the heat?

Have you ever been in the pool and you didn’t want to get out because it was too hot, but you couldn’t stay in the pool because it was too hot… with the sun beating down on you until you are red as a lobster? Yeah, we have all been there! Well, here is your solution. This Relaxation Station Pool Lounge by AugHog Products is American Made with only the highest grade materials to prevent sun damage and to last for years.

The main support rods for the stools and the table are available in blue and white. You can use any umbrella with up to a 1.25″ diameter pole (not included). We recommend using umbrellas with an aluminum pole since they will not rust in your pool.

Summer just got more fun! (Please read full description all the way to the bottom of the page.)

What’s the deal?

* Now with tilting table base for pools with sloped shallow ends.
*18″ NEW Super heavy duty table top
* 4 Jumbo cupholders (large enough for the foam koozies and most large tumblers) to keep your drinks in the table, not in the pool.
* UV Resistant Materials
* Quick set-up
* No Drilling in your pool deck
* Select either just the table set, or the option with two stools. If you need more than 2 stools they are available HERE.
* Portable design lets you bring them in and out of your pool for cleaning or storage.
* The table will hold umbrellas with up to a 1.25″ pole only. They are available in the link below, or at the bottom of this page.
* Additional supplies you will need = You will need to buy one 60lb bag of concrete per base. For example; A No Stool set requires one 60 lb bag of Quikrete or Sakrete. A 2 Stool set with a table will require three 60lb bags, or 180 lbs worth of bagged concrete.  For additional info see our Q&A below.

* OPTIONAL LED Light Kits: Are available for purchase by clicking HERE

You can also use the Relaxation Station table on the pool deck, in the lake, or in your back yard. Stools are recommended for use in the pool only.


We appreciate your business!

Check out our umbrellas that will not leave rust in your pool (not included) with UPF 100 sun protection, aluminum poles, and fiberglass ribs for superior corrosion resistance. (Link To Umbrellas)

If you have any questions on this set before you buy it, please click on the Blue “Leave a Message” box in the lower right corner and we will get back to you ASAP.


Questions and Answers:

Q) How much weight will the stools hold and how tall are they?

A) The stools are tested for adults that weigh up to 275 lbs in the water, and set at appx 23.5″ high. They are about the same height as a normal chair. The seat tops are 11.5″ wide.

Q) How Tall tall is the table?

A) The Table is adjustable from 12″ high to 49″ high. We recommended this set for pools with a shallow end of 45″ or less so the cupholders are not under water.

Q) Are the stools and table completely stable when they are in the pool?

A) The Table and Stools are designed to move back and forth a little bit to help prevent injury if someone was to slip and fall toward one of the components.  We recommend that you rest your feet on the base or the bottom of the pool while you are sitting on the stools for added stability (especially after a few cocktails).

Q) Can I use my pool cleaner with this in the pool?

A) You can, but chances are your hose will get wrapped around the table or stools. We recommend removing this set from your pool when it is being cleaned.

Q) How much do the bases weigh when filled with concrete?

A) A properly filled base will weigh 60lbs or more. If you cannot lift 60+ pounds we do not recommend that you buy this set.

Q) Can this set be used with liner pools?

A) Yes, The Relaxation Station can be used in liner pools, above ground, or in ground pools. If you have a liner pool, if the liner does not feel “soft, or squishy” under your feet it will work great.

Q) Is this safe for use in new pools?

A) Yes, if your pool has water in it, your pool builder has felt the concrete, or marcite has had enough time to cure.

Q) My pool slopes to the deep end of the pool. How does the umbrella stay straight up? 

A) The table has a swivel near the base that is adjustable to compensate for the slope of your pool. You simply loosen the knob a little, get the table set where it looks straight, and tighten the knob.

Q) How do I fill the bases with concrete?

A) To fill the bases with concrete: All you need is a 60lb bag (per base) of  all purpose concrete to fill the bases and you are ready to go. If the bags are 60-80 lb bags, you can still use them, you will just have extra concrete left over that can be used to fill the next base. With the seat post or table support post installed in the base, you will want to fill the bases by scooping the dry mix from the bag with an old plastic cup and pouring it into the hole in the base. Concrete is added to the bases dry and then saturated with water so they can harden. You will just want to slowly add water to the bases until they are fully saturated with water. They you let them sit and harden on a flat surface.

Q) Where do I find the concrete for the bases?

A) Any home improvement store has ready to use bagged dry mix concrete available. Some popular brands include Quikrete, and Sakrete.

Q) Can I use sand in the base instead of concrete?

A) No, sand will not harden like concrete and will not add the additional support to the bases.

Q) Can I use water in the bases?

A) No, Water that is placed inside of water will not work. They bases will float if water is placed in them and will not work at all.

Q) Can these be used in saltwater pools?

A) Yes, They are safe for saltwater pools.

Q) Does it come with an umbrella?

A) No, We wanted to give people the ability to select the color of umbrellas they prefer. Some people just want the table to put in there pool and prefer not to have shade as well.

Q) What size umbrella works with the Relaxation Station?

A) The Relaxation Station will work with an umbrella with a pole up to 1.26″ or 32mm in diameter. We recommend using umbrellas with an aluminum, or fiberglass pole so they will not rust. We do have umbrellas available on the website as well. Our umbrellas are adjustable in height so you can optimize the amount of shade.

Q) Do the tables come with LED Lights?

A) No, but they are available for purchase and an add on. OPTIONAL LED Light Kits: Are available for purchase by clicking HERE

Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 49 × 18 × 10 in
Main Table Options

No Table or Stools (for ordering additional stools only), Table Only (No Stools), Table with 2 Stools

Color of Support Rods

White, Blue

7 reviews for Relaxation Station Swimming Pool Table and Stools

  1. L Davis (verified owner)

    I love it! How cool is it to be able to sit on a stool in your pool. We bought the 4 stool set with the LED table and I have to say the LED is super bright! I was very surprised about how bright they were. The umbrella I bought from them is cool too. I like how it can be adjusted up and down and tilt so it blocks the sun where I need it. Our kids think it is the coolest thing in the world and they show it to all of their friends when they come over.

  2. Jeff J (verified owner)

    Ahhh, just what we needed for the pool!

  3. Clinton (verified owner)

    We discovered this while it was on back-order. I surprised my wife with it for her birthday when it came back in stock.
    This is the perfect solution for the at home “pool bar.” Height is perfect and it is easy to maneuver in and out of the pool when we need to run the robot to clean the pool. LED lights are surprisingly bright and really light up the shallow end.
    Customer service is excellent. Mike answered any and all questions I had. He even replied after hours and on the weekends.
    I can’t speak highly enough of the Relaxation Station or of Mike.

  4. Kyle M (verified owner)

    Perfect for chilling in the pool on a hot day. Love the drink holders on the table. It kept my beer from getting spilled when I got hit by a surprise cannon ball.

  5. Bob Rich (verified owner)

    Awesome product! Keep us in the shade in the hot Florida sun last weekend! It was too hot to be in the pool without it.

  6. Rita W. (verified owner)

    Not sure how we survived without this before. Love it!

  7. Martin G (verified owner)

    My wife has had skin cancer removed a few times and this will help keep her protected and help keep her enjoying our pool. Thank you for making a product she can enjoy and not have to worry as much about the sun.

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