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AugBrella is a commercial grade super heavy duty umbrella anchor that will keep your umbrella firmly planted in the ground wherever you put it. The high strength auger is guaranteed to keep your umbrella from taking lift off while at the beach or in your own back yard.

Be sure to read the full description below. Umbrellas are not included and are shown to show how the product may be used. Each AugBrella is sold separately and photos of multiple AugBrella’s are show to show the colors available.



Buy the best quality beach umbrella anchor for sand.

You have tried the rest, now get the best and keep your umbrella firmly planted in the beach! Our AugBrella anchors are used by beach rental companies and resorts around the world. Currently they are available in a variety of colors such as; White, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Red and Orange!

The AugBrella is a commercial grade super heavy duty umbrella anchor that will keep your umbrella firmly planted in the sand wherever you put it. Our high strength composite auger will keep your umbrella from taking lift off while at the beach sand or in your own back yard. The large fins on our auger help prevent uplift by digging deep in the sand.  These large fins also allow the sand to help the umbrella stay in the hole by grabbing on to the sides of the hole. Simply wiggling your umbrella back and forth to get it in the the sand does not prevent the umbrella from taking flight. The umbrella poles are straight and they require very little resistance to pull them out of the sand. I am sure you have seen an umbrella fly away that did not have an anchor on the end of it.

Don’t compare the AugBrella to the cheap imitations. Many of the all plastic beach umbrella augers are priced cheap, but as you know, you get what you pay for.  Simply browse some reviews online and you will soon see how long some of the lesser quality products on the market last. May of them have been known to break on the first use and there is not a warranty of any kind, so you are literally throwing away money.

The steel spikes umbrella holder on the market have flaws. They do not have any fins to prevent uplift. This will allow them to easily pull upward from the beach. They rust! This can shorten the life and will also leave a mess of your beach bag or car. We know we always try to carry everything from the car to the beach in one trip. How many times has something slipped out of your arms? Can you imagine a pointy steel angle iron anchor fallen on your foot?

The thin sand bag anchors that you have to fill up are a pain. Not only do you need to use the umbrella that come with the system, you have to spend time getting covered in sand to fill them up. Most people want to go to the beach to relax and not spend a bunch of time trying to shovel sand into a bag. The bags sit on top of the beach so there is nothing to prevent the wind from blowing the umbrellas over.

The shovel anchors… so you have to shovel a hole with the metal shovel, then put the shovel in the hole, then fill the hole with the dirt you just shoveled without the shovel. So you are pushing sand in the hole with your hands, and then when you are all done you have to pull the shovel back out of the hole. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Power Driver!

We have made it really easy for people who have multiple umbrellas they have to set in the beach at one time. Many of our beach rental companies and resorts use our Power Driver attachment. It is an attachment that goes into a cordless drill to aid it the time it takes to set multiple umbrellas in a short amount of time. It takes the time from about a minute and a half to under 30 seconds in most cases.

There is not a better beach umbrella anchor than the AugBrella for sand period. If the sand is hard packed or loose our sand anchor is the solution to easily keep your umbrella in the beach. Our products are American made and engineered to last.

Use at the Beach or your Backyard

The AugBrella is great for use in your back yard as well. Many of our customers tell us they use it for gardening, and while working on back yard projects to have some shade. There are a lot utility works use our umbrella anchors to keep them out of the sun while repairing phone and cable lines. It can be used almost anywhere there is soil. Try us at events such as sporting events, concerts, trade shows, or any other event where you may be looking to plant an umbrella without having a stand in the way or where the ground is uneven. The AugBrella is also great to hold tiki torches, flags and signs.

Long enough to hold deep in the beach, yet lightweight!

This AugBrella is 31″ tall. This allows you to get your umbrella deep enough to stay put. The main structure is made from a UV and impact modified PVC and features a military grade poly auger w/stainless steel fasteners. This umbrella anchor can be used with umbrellas up to 1.58″ diameter poles. The product will not rust like steel and it is much easier on surfaces than a metal product if you happened to drop one. The AugBrella Auger tip is not sharp and does not have sharp edges so it is easy on beach bags. This beach umbrella anchor only weighs about 2.4 lbs.


If you need an AugBrella for larger diameter commercial umbrellas please email us. We have other options available.

Note: Not recommended for hard soils like clay or rocky soil.

Lifetime Warranty for residential use: If you break it, we fix it for life.

Stainless Steel Thumb Screw for Years of Enjoyment at the Beach. The Augbrella will hold up to 1.58 inch umbrella poles.

Every AugBrella comes with a 16″ high leverage handle to easily turn the anchor into the sand. If you need a power drill option to turn in multiple AugBrella’s check out our power driver attachments.


Don’t let this happen to your umbrella!



Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 4 × 4 in

AugBrella Blue, AugBrella Orange, AugBrella Pink, AugBrella Red, AugBrella Yellow, AugBrella White

12 reviews for AugBrella Beach Umbrella Anchor

  1. Neil (verified owner)

    This is SUCH a fabulous sand anchor! I had tried the cheapies found at Target, Walmart, etc. Turn them into the sand, and the handles snap right off. I burned through 3 of them in one season. Then I found the Augbrella. I bought one since we go to the beach at least once or twice a week. What a FABULOUS product. Impossible to break. Sturdy as a rock. Screws right into the stand, and holds up to windy days like no other. I’ve recommended this to all my friends here in SW Florida. It may be more expensive than the Walmart junk, but boy, is it worth EVERY PENNY. Best beach product I have ever purchased. Great customer service, too. Thanks, AugHog – you guys are the best.

  2. J Donley (verified owner)

    Just like the other guy said, I have bought plenty of the cheap umbrella holders and they all broke too. This thing is a beast and surprisingly pretty light weight too. It goes in the sand easy and holds great.

  3. Parker (verified owner)

    Best sand anchor I have ever bought. Pretty sure it will be the last one I need to buy.

  4. Kirk (verified owner)

    We are very pleased with them. It was extremely windy a couple days ago and the umbrellas didn’t budge. Thanks !

  5. markdheld (verified owner) (verified owner)

    I purchased 4 augbrellas as I’m responsible for the beach umbrella setup when we vacation. These things are industrial strength, easy to use and they work great. Just spent a week in Myrtle Beach and the winds tend to kick up in the afternoon and I had no issues or concerns – the umbrellas weren’t going anywhere. Great customer service also!

  6. A. Bokeko (verified owner)

    I used the augbrella for the first time this weekend at the Jersey shore the umbrella didn’t move.Great product Thanks.

  7. J. Jacobs (verified owner)

    Great Product! Super Heavy Duty!

  8. Bob S. (verified owner)

    I bought one of these to try out and I ended up buying 2 more right after we got home from the beach. They go into the sand easy and kept out umbrella in place all day long. Nice heavy duty product, but surprisingly light weight. I appreciate it is make in the USA too!

  9. Ricky (verified owner)

    Awesome Anchor! I Just bought one after our umbrella took off like a kite and I am glad I did. It is lighter than I expected it to be, but it is super solid. Thanks for making a great product!

  10. J Parker (verified owner)

    Great anchor! I was surprised how light it was. It held our commercial style umbrella in pretty high winds. I am impressed!

  11. T.J Uhrin (Amazon Verified Buyer)

    I have purchased several sand anchors throughout the years but the AugBrella outlasted them all. Once placed I did not have to touch till I was ready to leave the beach. It worked great with my Frankford Commercial Grade Umbrella.

  12. Tammy (Verified Owner)

    We absolutely love our Augbrella Beach Umbrella Sand Anchor! It is by far the best sand anchor we have ever had. We have purchased multiple beach umbrella sand anchors in the past, and not only do they break but they don’t keep our beach umbrella from blowing away. We live on the East Coast of Florida where the winds can blow extremely hard at times. We have never had an issue with our Beach Umbrella blowing away since we purchased our Augbrella, and we have a very heavy commercial grade Beach Umbrella! Also it is so easy to install with the sturdy metal screw at the bottom. Awesome product!!

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